Friday, 17 October 2008

Mandy McIntosh – Bristol’s Georgian House

Mandy McIntosh is a Glasgow based artist who uses an array of media: animation, video and knitting in the development of her projects. Employing a variety of methods McIntosh’s work often responds to particular social, historical and geographical contexts.

'My work is very mobile, sometimes electronic, sometimes film, sometime objects. When I say mobile, I mean that it shifts context and form and methodology. Sometimes it’s made in a site-specific sociological context, for example, a virtual reality simulacrum of a real mining village in Staffordshire which hosted a hypothetical monument to miners. Sometimes it’s more simple. Recently, I made a garment which encapsulated my thinking on the symbolism of vultures in the American landscape.

For Bamboo Club, Mandy would like to develop a project out of an extended visit to Bristol and time spent at the Georgian House site.

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