Saturday, 30 May 2009

Mandy finishes film

The finishing touches were being done on Mandy's film this week, concluding with a visit to a dub suite in Bristol.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Mark Wilsher's Film Shoot 27 April 2009

Mark's film shoot took place in the early hours of the 27 April at Cabot Circus, Bristol. He invited members of the Bristol Methodist Circuit to take centre stage in the shopping centre and stand as though they were at the pews in their respective churches.

The film was shot without audio as Mark had previously collected the audio for his film on a visit to Hanham mount, the site of John Wesley's famous open air sermons.

Special thanks to the staff of Cabot Circus for their patience and assistance on the day.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Location visit

Kat and director of photography Jaime Feliu-Torres on a preparatory visit to Cabot Circus where we will be filming The Use of Money.

Hanham Mount, 9am

I spent a very cold couple of hours at Hanham Mount recording birdsong and ambient sound from the area to use in the film. The beacon, first erected in 1951, marks the place where the Field Preachers including George Whitefield and John Wesley delivered sermons to the masses (sometimes thousands of people) in the 18th century. -MW

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Mandy McIntosh' Film Shoot 2-6 March

Mandy Mcintosh' film shoot took place in early March. We worked with 4 male participants from the Two Way Street group throughout. They were asked to participate in sugar sculpting and junk percussion workshops held at Picture This over 3 days. To the end of the week we were in the Georgian House Museum, where the group had a series of one to one art therapy sessions in the attic space said to be Pero’s room. Mandy also asked the group to place the sugar sculptures that they had made earlier in the week around the house.

Mandy is now doing her creative edit in Glasgow and will be at Picture This at the end of May to complete the film.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Mandy McIntosh' Film Shoot (Kat's photos)

(Above) From Left- Tim, Daryl and Fabian from The Two Way Street, Jim from the Georgian House Museum, Nick Gordon-Smith, Marian Liebmann and Mandy Mcintosh

(Above) Fabian

(Above) Tim and Fabian

(Above) Tim

(Above) Mandy and Nick Gordon-Smith (DOP)

(Above) Mandy and Art Therapist Marian Liebmann

(Above) Series of details of the Sugar Sculpture in situ around The Georgian House Museum

(Above) Artist Mandy McIntosh placing the sugar sculptures around the Georgian House Museum, Bristol

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Production Stills on Flickr Site

Hey we have uploaded the entire collection of Barby's production stills onto the Picture This Flickr page. Follow this link:

Bamboo Memories Film Shoot 17-20 Feb 2009

Filming took place for Barby Asante's film in Mid- February. Over the first two days we filmed a series of Tableaux with a group of young adults at the Star and Garter Pub in Bristol. The idea behind the tableaux was to create scenes that were inspired by the testimonies and conversations that the artist had with Bamboo Club members. We used this particular location because Barby felt that from her conversations with Bamboo members, it had an intimacy that they had described.

On the 19 Feb we began the video portraits and interviews at Picture This, with Tony Bullimore being the first. The visuals and audio recorded in these sessions are to be used seperately in Barby's film. The words and ambient sounds will be sampled from the audio to create a soundscape that will be interwoven with other elements, while the video portraits will be muted studies of people who made the club what it was, be they staff, friends, cooks, or regulars.

Ajax Watson (above)

Tony Bullimore (above)

In the evening the artist also hosted a dinner/ dance event for past members of the club. She wanted this element to capture moments of recognition between old friends, neighbours and staff. The event was held at the Rose Green Cricket Grounds, Bristol. The venue is home to Bristol's Caribbean Cricket Club, which was founded in the 60s. Before securing Rose Green the club held its meetings at the Bamboo Club.

On the 20 Feb, the final day of filming we comlpeted the series of video portraits and interviews.

Invites, call outs and posters

We also used this typeface to create posters to be in the background on set

Using a typeface we found on an old Bamboo Club poster, we designed posters and flyers to invite ex-Bamboo Club goers to a reunion and another to recruit young peoople for Barby's Tableaux.

Barby Images

Project Manager Kat and Dutty Ken

Artist Barby and Tony Bullimore

Project Details

Mandy McIntosh's project 'Session; Sugar Version (Naked Like a Star or a Stone)' is working with the history of the Georgian House Museum to explore the psychological and emotional state of slave Pero and to consider contemporary issues around the over representation of black men in the mental health system. She has been meeting with The Two Way Street which is a support group initiated and run by African and African Caribbean mental health care service users to support one another. The group is excited to participate in the activities around Mandy’s project in the early part of the New Year, which will include art therapy sessions, sugar sculpting and junk percussion workshops.

Barby Asante's project entitled 'Bamboo Memories' explores the Bamboo Club’s social and cultural legacy as one of the first spaces in Bristol for social interaction between the Caribbean and Bristolian communities in the 60s and 70s. This Autumn Barby completed a series of interviews with Club owner Tony Bullimore and ex Bamboo Club members an in the early part of the New Year she will be hosting a reunion at the Rose Green Caribbean Cricket Club in Bristol. The cricket club was founded at the Bamboo Club and as such holds great resonance to the project.

Mark Wilsher is exploring the legacy of the New Room Methodist Chapel and its founder and preacher John Wesley. The project entitled ‘The Use of Money’, after Wesley’s famous sermon draws links with the Chapel’s location in Broadmead and its historical and contemporary links with the city’s trade. Mark’s project continues in next year with a series of workshops and meetings to open discourse between himself and individuals of the Methodist community on their faith and making money.

Bamboo Blog catch up...

Down at the Bamboo Club is making good progress, so well infact that we have not had much time to update the blog! We will be posting a back log of info and trying our best to keep up to date from here on, promise.