Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Bamboo Memories Film Shoot 17-20 Feb 2009

Filming took place for Barby Asante's film in Mid- February. Over the first two days we filmed a series of Tableaux with a group of young adults at the Star and Garter Pub in Bristol. The idea behind the tableaux was to create scenes that were inspired by the testimonies and conversations that the artist had with Bamboo Club members. We used this particular location because Barby felt that from her conversations with Bamboo members, it had an intimacy that they had described.

On the 19 Feb we began the video portraits and interviews at Picture This, with Tony Bullimore being the first. The visuals and audio recorded in these sessions are to be used seperately in Barby's film. The words and ambient sounds will be sampled from the audio to create a soundscape that will be interwoven with other elements, while the video portraits will be muted studies of people who made the club what it was, be they staff, friends, cooks, or regulars.

Ajax Watson (above)

Tony Bullimore (above)

In the evening the artist also hosted a dinner/ dance event for past members of the club. She wanted this element to capture moments of recognition between old friends, neighbours and staff. The event was held at the Rose Green Cricket Grounds, Bristol. The venue is home to Bristol's Caribbean Cricket Club, which was founded in the 60s. Before securing Rose Green the club held its meetings at the Bamboo Club.

On the 20 Feb, the final day of filming we comlpeted the series of video portraits and interviews.

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